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Excitement at Educational Outfitters in San Diego

Some excitement at Educational Outfitters today. About an hour before closing today, it started raining in our store for 20 or 30 minutes. The fire department came to investigate. Thank God there was no fire and it appears that a sprinkler head broke. We believe that damage to inventory was not significant but our store was completely flooded.

We want to thank Heartland Fire for ensuring the safety of our customers and employees, and for removing most of the standing water so things didn't get worse. They were professional and respectful of our fixtures and merchandise.

We are working now to clean up and will post additional messages once we know more but we expect there will be some disruption in our retail operations. We do expect to fulfill online orders so please use that channel if you have immediate need for uniforms. You can reach us at if you have questions.

We've posted a couple of short (unprofessional) videos if you are interested on our Facebook page

Thank you for your cooperation.